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“Total Tool Kit”          “Total Tool Kit”

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The “Total Tool Kit”

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All five “tools” are available in digital format as E-books (PDF files). This saves $$ for you in two ways. First, we pass along the printing savings to you; and, second, there is no shipping & handling charge. PLUS, you receive your books quickly, usually within one business day via email.

E-book/PDF Versions of each “tool”

Tool #1

The perfect starting point for golf range owners/operators who are "just thinking about it." This primer answers the 48 most asked questions by new developers who are unfamiliar with ranges and the range business. If you're not yet ready to get going on your range, this is a the perfect starting point.

Printed version: $19 (+$6.95 Shipping)         E-book version: $10

Introduction to the Golf Range Business

Golf Range Developer’s Tools

"Without Forecast's books and services, we would never have been able to get under construction as fast as we did. Buying your Development book was the best investment we ever made!"  

                                         -- M. Owsik , Bryn Mawr, PA

Tool #2

The "bible" of golf range developement. This is the #1 "how to" golf range development manual in the world.It is the only manual written by successful range developers/operators specifically for new golf range developers and operators. Originally published in 1994 and recently updated and reintroduced. Thorough, detailed, and orgainized, yet succinct so it's the easy to use.

Printed version: $149 (+$17.25 Shipping)    E-book version: $50

How to Plan, Design, & Build a Successful Golf Driving Range

Tool #3

A proven business plan template. I used this business plan as my guide for getting over $5 million in funding for our projects. Designed and written with the purpose of making it easy and fast for you to put together your business plan, and succeed in finding the money to build your golf range. It's perfect as a guide for taking your project to investors and bankers.

Printed version: $74 (+$6.95 Shipping)         E-book version: $10

Sample Business Plan For A Golf Range

Tool #4

The #1 question of someone thinking about owning a range is, "How much money does a range make?" This book answers that question, and helps you to determine the answer for your own range. It gives you the key operating expense ratios and metrics, and lots more. This also includes a compilation of revenue and expense statements will give you a look at "the books" of  25 different ranges. Many have multiple amentities, like mini-golf and batting cages. So, you can see how that impacts sales. Along with the financial numbers, we tell you the city each facility is located in, the amenities offered, and key demos for the 10-mile radius.

Printed version: $99 (+$6.95 Shipping)         E-book version: $20

Profit & Expense Standards For Successful Golf Ranges

Tool #5

Whether you already own a golf range or are new to the golf range business, How To Operate A Successful Golf Driving Range will be an invaluable resource. This manual reveals the secrets that experienced range operators have learned over the years -- secrets that save thousands of dollars and eases operation of the range. And, you’ll see how range operators take advantage of technology to improve efficiency -- all geared towards making your range more profitable.

Printed version: $74 (+$6.95 Shipping)         E-book version: $10

How To Operate A Successful Golf Driving Range

#Introduction Plan_Design_Build_a_Range Sample_Bus_Plan Profit_and_Expense_Standards How_to_Operate_a_Range

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Other Products & Services


We are available to review your plans, assist in designing your facility, and help with your Market Analysis. Call to discuss your project and get more details.

Golf Range Times magazine*:

Golf Range Times (GRT) is the leading magazine for the golf range industry. Published 7 times per year (6 bi-monthly issues PLUS a once-a-year BONUS issue, the annual Buyers' Guide and Directory which lists all the companies, key personnel, addresses, emails, websites, and telephone & fax numbers for golf range industry suppliers. GRT covers all the issues related to development and operations.

* Due to current economic conditions we have suspended printing GRT until the market returns.

Additional services:

In the past we have also held “Boot Camps”/seminars to provide a crash course on developing and operating ranges. (Boot Camps are scheduled periodically and promoted via our email list and website.)

We have also produced Zip Code Sales Potential Reports, using our in-house algorithm to estimate golf range sales potential. We are currently awaiting updated industry data to update our formulas and will make these reports available as soon as the update is completed.