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How To Operate A Successful Golf Driving Range

This product contains actual revenue & expenses statements from 25 different golf range facilities. It will help you to compare your estimates to the numbers from real facilities.

One of the things that we do when estimating sales and expenses for range projects is look at what other ranges have done. This is called looking at "comps," or comparables. It helps to see what other ranges are doing in sales and expenses.

BUT, the problem for new range developers lies in trying to get a range operator to open up his books to you. Well, this product is like having 25 range owners open up their books to you! And, you get more than just the numbers.

In addition to getting their financial numbers, you also get:

With all of this info, you can really compare your facility and market to these other facilities and use them as a guide.

Price: Printed version:  $74 (plus shipping & handling)

         PDF version:    $10