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Profit & Expense Standards For Successful Golf Ranges

The #1 question I get from range developers is “How much profit does a golf range make?” To answer that question, I’ve spent years analyzing financial statements of all sorts of golf ranges, with the objective of establishing standards for expenses and profit. The answer -and much more- is revealed in my new book, Profit & Expense Standards For Successful Golf Ranges.

Getting real numbers, i.e., the real sales and expense numbers, from a golf range owner/operator is near to impossible. Ask a typical range operator for that kind of secret information and they'll either laugh at you or quickly escort you out the door. You may be more successful if you were at Coke USA headquarters and asking for the secret recipe to the Coca-Cola formula.

That's why our Profit & Expense Standards For Successful Golf Ranges is so valuable. In addition to my financial analysis, you'll get inside the actual books of 25 different ranges from around the USA -- real sales, real expense, and real profits. This resource is an absolute must for demonstrating the reasonableness of your projections and adding credibility to your business plan.

Here’s what you’ll get:

(1) My review operating expense standards and metrics; the Balance Sheet and the Chart of Accounts for golf ranges; the Breakeven Point and Economies of Scale; the impact of adding other amenities.

(2) Revenue & Expense statements for 25 golf ranges from various markets around the country (some have multiple years of data);

(3) Description of each facility, including the amenities offered (some have mini-golf, batting cages, pro shop, restaurants, etc.);

(4) Location of each range (city/state); and

(5) Basic demographic data for each 10-mile market area. This enables you to pick the ones that are most similar to your own market and amenity offering. It’s the perfect comparison for you to test the soundness of your own projections.

Being able to show bankers and investors that you are fully educated about the financial operations of a golf range business will help dispel any doubts they may have about your lack of firsthand experience. Comparing real numbers from other facilities to your projections will prove that your projections are reasonable and logical. Being able to make these sort of “comps” (comparisons) can make the difference between yes and no with your banker and investors.

Price:  Printed version:  $99 (plus shipping & handling)

         PDF Version:    $20