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Sample Business Plan for a Golf Practice Range

Most golf range developers rely upon lenders and/or investors for financing the development of their project. A sound business plan is absolutely essential to securing funding from these financial resources. While you may be certain that your golf range venture will succeed, an investor or bank must be convinced with facts. Unlike you, the typical investor or lender is looking for reasons not to invest in your project! A proper business plan is your best chance to convince them that your project is a good business opportunity.

The Sample Business Plan is an actual plan for a fictitious golf range. It comes in printed form along with a computer diskette. With Forecast's Sample Business Plan you can quickly create a professional business plan. It will save hours of time and could save thousands of dollars. All you do is simply edit the text on the diskette provided (with your own word processing software), include site specific information from your own feasibility analysis, and it's done!

The Sample Business Plan was prepared under the assumption that it will be submitted to a lending institution, such as a bank. It was also designed to meet the evaluation criteria of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). In fact, the Plan has been reviewed by an individual at the SBA and it was found to be an excellent format to be followed for developing a business plan for any golf range.

The Sample Business Plan includes:

Whether you are planning a new range, or currently own or operate one, this product can help you get financing.

Price: Printed version: $74 (plus shipping & handling).

         PDF version:    $10