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Forecast Golf Group

Experienced owner, developer, and operator of multi-amenity golf driving ranges.

We are a golf range development and consulting company and the industry leader in providing "real world" guidance to golf range developers and operators. The owner of Forecast Golf Group actually owned and developed two state-of-the-art golf ranges, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash flow annually! In adddition, we are experienced as a management company to manage a golf course and golf practice center. We have first hand knowledge when it comes to the planning, designing, construction, and operation of golf ranges. Only Forecast Golf Group offers you this unique blend of knowledge and expertise.

Located in Richmond, Virginia and established in 1990, our mission is to help golf range developers achieve their dream of owning a golf range. Having mastered the ins and outs of developing ranges and the many benefits of ownership (such as, the money!), we have developed products and services designed to enable you to own your golf range and experience the thrill for yourself! There’s nothing like enjoying your work and making lots of money at the same time!

Our products and services provide assistance to all levels of golf range developers - from the novice developer who is "just thinking about it," to the advanced developer/owner requiring assistance with their business plan. Our information and products will save you hundreds of hours of work and frustration, tens of thousands of dollars, and increase your probability of success!

Jamie Turner, president of Forecast Golf Group, graduated from Boston College and received an MBA from the College of William & Mary, in Williamsburg, Virginia.  After an 11-year career in consumer product marketing management with Fortune 50 companies like Nabisco Brands and Warner-Lambert (now part of Pfizer), he decided that he wanted to own his own golf range -- wanting to own his own business and, if possible, be involved in the golf industry. He has applied his years of analytical and mangement training to the golf range industry.

Having left the world of corporate cubicles behind him since 1990, Jamie has been immersed in the range business as an owner and advisor, helping people to plan, develop, and operate their own ranges. He is also the publisher and editor of Golf Range Times magazine. In addition to his duties of running Forecast Golf Group, he has overseen the operations of 3 golf facilities: 2 state-of-the-art ranges that he was a co-developer/co-owner of, and an upscale golf course and practice facility for which he was retained as the management company. (Both driving ranges have since been sold, taking Turner through the full cycle of golf range ownership: from idea, to designing and building, to operating, and, finally, selling.)

We appreciate your interest in Forecast Golf Group, Inc. You owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can about owning your own facility - you owe it to yourself to own your own golf range! Let us help you get there. Take advantage of our extensive and unique knowledge to achieve your dream of owning your own golf range.

Yep, that's me. I'm standing on the upper deck of one of my ranges, in Richmond, VA. This is a lot better than my old job, working in a cubicle for a big company.

Here’s the tee line and covered tees at our second range in Virginia Beach, VA. In addition to the driving range, we also had a beautiful miniature golf course and batting cages - a great combination to attract families and broaden your market appeal.

Above are two photos of our first range in the Richmond, VA area. This range is a “double-decker” with 28 tees up and 28 down. It also features heaters and artificial turf fairway and greens. We were open 364 days of the year…. No rain days. Those garage doors can be closed, as shown, to keep comfy in the winter, and rolled up in the summer to allow the breeze to flow through and keep our customers cool. This facility also has a miniature golf course and batting cages.

To see a slide show of more pictures of our facilities