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How to Plan, Design, & Build a Successful Golf Driving Range

This manual is the complete guide to planning, designing, and building your golf range. There is no other publication for golf range development that matches the level of detail and scope of subject matter contained within this publication. At 307 pages, it is the most comprehensive manual on the subject of golf range development.

This comprehensive manual takes you through completion of Market Analysis, assembling all development costs, constructing the range, equipment, financing, role of a business plan, and a catgeorized supplier listing. You will find it to be your constant reference source from planning to operations.

Clients typically pay us $12,000+ to perform a feasibility study for their project. This manual will take you through our entire step-by-step process to generate a first-rate, professional feasibility study -- it's all in the book -- and more! We give you our secrets and shortcuts to do it quick and do it right.

Included in the manual are pictures of different ranges and equipment. This book can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of planning time because you will learn how to build a range the right way — all based on Forecast’s experience in the golf range business.

A complete supplier listing of all golf range and related amenity suppliers is included in the manual. No other manual provides you with more information at your fingertips than this #1 development manual. Whether you are considering the golf range business, or are in the middle of development, or already own a range, you will benefit from this manual.

Hundreds of golf range developers have used this manual to save thousands of dollars, save countless hours of work, increase the profitability of their project, and get the greatest return on their investment.

Unique features of this comprehensive manual:

See the Table Of Contents for more details on all the subjects included in the manual.

Price:  Printed version:  $149 (plus shipping & handling).

         PDF version:      $50

Testimonial:  "Getting your Developing Your Golf Range manual was the best thing I could do for my dream of owning a range. Thanks to Forecast and your services, I have been able to identify a strong market, find property, negotiate a purchase, design and build my range — all with the information I received from Forecast." -- B. Evert - Chico, CA