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What we do...

Range #2 under construction, grading the fairway and greens.

You can own a golf driving range...

We can help you make your dream of owning a golf range become reality.

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"Without Forecast's books and services, we would never have been able to get under construction as fast as we did. Buying your Development book was the best investment we ever made!"  -- M. Owsik , Bryn Mawr, PA

"The Boot Camp surpassed my expectations and there is no doubt that the success of our golf ranges to be developed in the following years in Mexico, will owe a lot of their success to Jamie and Tom." -- Eduardo Valencia, Mexico City, Mexico.

"We used Forecast Golf's manual as a reference tool not only in the project planning stages, but also when we were in the construction process whenever we had to choose for alternative courses of action. In our jargon we refer to your manual as the 'Golf Range Bible,' as every possible clue we needed at any time, in any situation, was cleared by referring to your manual, or where we found a complete further look on most subjects." -- Ernesto Berisso, owner of Stallion Golf Range, near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"I believe your published and presented information are very worthwhile, properly priced, professionally done, and provide the proper starting point for anyone considering developing a golf practice range of any type." -- Ashley Skidmore, Hollis, NH.

"I believe in complimenting folks for a job well done. Congratulations on a great seminar!!" -- Carol C., Houston, TX

Most golf range developers are new to the industry and don’t know where to start. We have developed a set of “tools” to help you get started and guide you through the process - right up to opening day.

Our tools consist of 5 books (described on our “Products” page) that guide you chronologically through the process. Most range developers find that these tools educate and prepare them so that they are enabled to continue developing on their own, using the books as a constant reference tool.

We also provide consulting services for those developers wishing to pass their ideas and plans through another set of experienced, expert eyes.

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FREE 3-part email mini-course:

“Golf Range Development 101”

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We are experienced golf range developers and operators who have been through it all, from start to finish. We know how to save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes… mistakes that can make the difference between success and failure.